Experience in Development of Therapeutic Photomatrix Equipment
Dializ-Kontrol Apparatus for Optimization of Hemodialysis
The Visual System as the Terminal Element of Medical Introscopy Systems
A Method for Modernization of Intraoral Roentgenography
The Computerized Motion Meter
Problems of Inhalation Gas Mixture Conditioning in High-Frequency Jet Mechanical Lung Ventilation Apparatuses
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Dynamic Monitoring of Health of Personnel of the Radiology Department of Bryansk Regional Oncological Dispensary
Use of Computer Anthropometry in Diagnosis and Restorative Treatment of Patients with Postinsult Motor Disorders
On the Reform of International Patent Classification
In Recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Laboratory of X-ray Receivers, Russian Scientific Center for Roentgenoradiology. Part II
Currently Used Medical Equipment and Optimized Approach to Its Upgrading
On Determination of the Effective Energy of a Mixed X-Ray Beam