A Mathematical Model of Electrosurgical Polypectomy
Instrumental—analytical Method for Estimation of Health State of the Body and its Systems After Exposure to Radiation
Direct Method for Measuring Reflex Time of Knee Jerk in Patients with Thyroid Pathologies
A New in formation Technology for System Diagnosis of Functional Activity of Organs of The Human Body
Spectral Data about Bone Tissue Elements in Patients with Hip Joint Implants
Determination of Error of Calculation of Effective Energy of A Combined X-ray Beam
Synthesis of Radiological Models and Radiological in Variants (Constants). Part 3
Technologies for Control of Cleanness of Rooms in Blood Centers
A New Generation of Disposable Syringes
Experience in The Use of Therapeutic Photomatrix Equipment
Use of Hinge Joints in Devices for Treatment of The Human Locomotor System
Dental Microfocal X-ray Processing
Inhaled Air Analyzer Helicosense—A New Device for Respiration Diagnosis of in fection with Helicobacter Pylori