Structural analysis of information value of parameters of lung ventilation for assessment of bronchodilation response in patients with bronchial asthma
A system of electrode arrangement for measurement of coordinates of sources in the myocardium area
Mathematical modeling of cardiovascular system in patients with hemorrhage and hypothermia
Ionization chambers with preamplifiers for X-ray exposure metering systems
Experimental determination of radiation scattering and absorption coefficients in a homogeneous layer of highly dispersive biological medium
Scattered X-ray radiation in diagnosis of mammary gland diseases
A method for calculation of absorbed radiation dose
Algorithm for synthesis of small autonomous devices for detection of medico-biological parameters
An approach to decreasing dose load in prophylactic X-ray examination
Problems of development of a uniform nomenclature for medical goods
Automated microscopy system MEKOS-Ts2 and its trial use for blood and bone-marrow smear analysis
Use of the AKS-ENOFIT analytical system for mass-scale examinations
Experience in the use of equipment for ECG system analysis in municipal polyclinics