On the verge of the 40th anniversary of Biomedical Engineering
Use of information properties of biological liquids for correction of development of living organisms
A software–hardware anthropometric system and its use for restorative treatment of postinsult patients
Experimental study of the hydrodynamics of polyurethane tricuspid valves
Synthesis of a realistic model of the surface of the heart
A technique for surgical treatment of infected wounds based on photodynamic and ultrasound therapy
An interactive method for optimization of irradiation plans in radiation therapy of malignant tumors
Use of statistical analysis methods in management of treatment-and-prophylactic organizations (by the example of a dental clinic)
Method for assembling a hip joint endoprosthesis with an isolating clutch
Resumption of manufacture of suturing devices
A hardware–software system for monitoring the performance of X-ray diagnostic equipment
An electric exercycle for rehabilitation of patients with motor disability
A surgical toolkit for internal osteosynthesis of the hip bone
A multipurpose frame retractor for treatment of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers