40th Anniversary of Meditsinskaya Tekhnika (Biomedical Engineering)
Experimental Study of Optical Characteristics of Homogeneous Highly-Dispersive Biological Medium
A Specific Feature of the Procedure for Determination of Optical Properties of Turbid Biological Tissues and Media in Calculation for Noninvasive Medical Spectrophotometry
Intragastric pH Probe Functioning in Studies of Solutions with Nonuniform pH
Organic Dyes in Laser Surgery of Cartilaginous Tissues
Equipment Components and System Board for an Automated Microscopy System
Principles of Construction of Intelligent Devices for Early Cataract Diagnosis Based on Incoherent Fiber-Optic Converters
Methods for Geometric and Nonlinear Optimization of the Structure of Interstitial Implants for Interstitial X-Ray Therapy of Malignant Tumors
Portable Personal Staircase Elevator Vektor
A Portable Impedance Meter for Monitoring Liquid Compartments of the Human Body Under Space Flight Conditions