The national project “Health” and reequiping of the Russian Medical X-ray Service
Analysis of factors affecting the estimation of detective quantum efficiency of digital X-ray detectors within high and low spatial frequency ranges
Use of stereoscopic vision for analysis of digital X-ray images of lungs
Assessment of parameters of digital X-ray detectors using the method of exposure of the working area of the detector to uniform X-ray radiation
Analysis of equipment of the Russian X-ray Mammological Service in 2005–2006
Main results of testing of magnetic resonance tomographs
On methods for assessing radiation load on medical personnel during an endourologic intervention
Hardware and software for X-ray therapy planning
Hardware-software system for monitoring parameters and characteristics of X-ray computer tomographs under operating conditions
Operation of a mammographic room equipped with the CR system for digital mammography
Radiation methods for monitoring parameters of X-ray diagnostic apparatuses
A computer dermograph for localization diagnosis of focuses of internal organ diseases
Technical characteristics and diagnostic capabilities of low-field magnetic resonance tomographs TMR-0.06-KFTI
Use of CR roentgenography in X-ray diagnostic departments of primary treatment-and-prophylaxis institutions
Amico — everything for X-ray diagnosis