Hardware–Software System for Noninvasive Electrocardiographic Heart Examination Based on Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
Method for Compensation of Cardiac Rhythm Variability in Sphygmogram Analysis
Intelligent Pulse Express Diagnosis of the State of Human Cardiovascular System
System for Heart Rate Stabilization during Veloergometric Exercise
Automated Detection and Selection of Artifacts in Encephalography Signals
Calculation of the X-Ray Bremsstrahlung Transmission Coefficient of Test Filter
Simulation of Mass Transfer in a Hemodialyzer
Radiation Load Associated with Target-Oriented and Panoramic X-Ray Examination Using Portable X-Ray Apparatuses
Excitation of Optokinetic Nystagmus and Measurement of Its Characteristics Using Computer Videotechnologies
Hardware–Software System for Diagnosis of Venous Thromboembolic Complications
Improvement of Blood Banking Safety System for Medical Personnel
Development of Device for Electrothermometry with Cold Test in Patients with Pneumatic Hammer Disease