Quality Control of Radiation Diagnosis
Parameters of Digital Detectors and Image Quality
Comparative Analysis of Different Methods of Evaluation of Effective Dose of X-Ray Computer Tomographs
Analysis of Equipment of the Russian X-Ray Mammological Service in 2007-2008
Problem of Determination of the First Half-Value Layer of X-Ray Radiation
Improvement of Technical Parameters of an X-Ray Scanning Apparatus
Dosimetric and Mathematical Monitoring of the Effect of X-Ray Therapy of Cervical Cancer
A Mathematical Model for Detection of Back-Scattered Radiation during Diagnostic Scanning with a Narrow X-Ray Beam
Determination of Effective Patient Exposure Doses in X-Ray Examination
Multipurpose Digital X-Ray Image Detectors
Microdose X-Ray Systems and Optimal Areas of Their Application
The IntegRIS Radiological Information System for Digital Mammography