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The Roundup : A compilation of items about medical device news, regulations, and AAMI initiatives
Ten Questions With …
Association Roundtable : Insights and advice from leaders of local and state biomedical associations
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Have You Seen Me?
A Manufacturing Perspective : Balancing Safety Issues With a Customer's Desire for Self-Service
An HTM Perspective : It's Time for a New Service Support Model
Familiar Themes in a Changing World : AAMI Survey Identifies Top Medical Device Challenges
Dealing With Outside Equipment
The Challenge of Infusion Systems
Get Ready for Your Closeup : HTM Professionals Have Key Role With Electronic Health Records
Generalizing FDA Guidance On Clinical Decision Support
Making Things Right : The Art of the Apology at Work
ECRI Vice President Sees Need for Transparency, Better Information
Optimizing Staff Onboarding
‘A Win on Many Fronts’ : The Case for Medical Equipment Inspectors
Electron Microscopes
Calibrating Touch-Screen Monitors
Reading Room
The High Cost of Increased ‘Productivity’
Electrocardiogram Interference: A Thing of the Past?
Reducing Hospital Noise: A Review of Medical Device Alarm Management
In Service/Support Debate, Throwing Rocks Won't Help