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50 Years of People, Progress, and Patient Safety
Two Stories from AAMI's Early Days
Administration of medical electronics : A review of some criteria basic to effective and economical management of medical electronic equipment
The Future of Healthcare: ‘Every-whereables,' ‘Huge Data,' and a Pinch of Dystopia
Arguing for Capability, Competence, and Capacity in HTM
EHR Usability: Get It Right from the Start
Our Work Must Catch Up to Technology
Predicting the Future of Healthcare Technology
The Challenge of Keeping Up with a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape
Future Directions in Healthcare Systems Engineering
System Integration No Longer Just ‘Nice to Have'
AAMI Standards: A History of Ensuring Medical Technology Quality and Performance
Fear Not: HTM Will Thrive Even as IT Grows
The Future of Medical Devices Is in Teamwork
Great Advances in Healthcare Technology Await, but Getting There Won't Be Easy
Making Tough Decisions to Address Health IT Challenges
What Needs to Happen to Elevate and Improve Sterilization
User-Centered Design Means Better Patient Care
AAMI by the Numbers
Customizing Alarm Limits Based on Specific Needs of Patients
Research: Continuous Surveillance of Sleep Apnea Patients in a Medical-Surgical Unit
A Roundtable Discussion: Usability, Human Factors, and Health IT: Providing Effective Guidance While Nurturing Innovation
VIEW FROM THE TOP: Looking Anew at Technology Management
BRIGHT IDEAS: Integrated Call System Bridges Gap between HTM and IT
CYBERINSIGHTS: Responding to Ever-Evolving Threats
OBSERVATIONS AND INSIGHTS: Is an Alternative Equipment Maintenance Program Difficult to Develop?
FINAL WORD: Unexpected Learning in 30 Minutes or Less