Editor's Letter
Changes in U.S. Patent Practice
Microelectrode Array Recordings of Patterned Hippocampal Neurons for Four Weeks
An Electrophoretic Method for Microstamping Biomolecule Gradients
Porosified Silicon Wafer Structures Impregnated With Platinum Anti-Tumor Compounds
Nanomechanics, and Biomedical Nanomechanics
Micromachined, Polyimide-Based Devices for Flexible Neural Interfaces
Microfabricated Polysilicon Microneedles for Minimally Invasive Biomedical Devices
An Analysis of Unicellular Mass Transfer Using a Microfabricated Experimental Technique
Topographical Patterning of Chemically Sensitive Biological Materials Using a Polymer-Based Dry Lift Off