Substrate-Integrated Microelectrodes with Improved Charge Transfer Capacity by 3-Dimensional Micro-Fabrication
Micro/nanomachining of Polymer Surface for Promoting Osteoblast Cell Adhesion
Cell Culture in 3-Dimensional Microfluidic Structure of PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane)
Protein and Nucleic Acid Detection by Rolling Circle Amplification on Gel-based Microarrays
Electric Field Assisted Patterning of Neuronal Networks for the Study of Brain Functions
Measurement of AC Electrokinetic Flows
Design, Microfabrication and Analysis of a Microfluidic Chamber for the Perfusion of Brain Tissue Slices
DNA Assembly on 2-Dimensional Array of Colloidal Gold
Tension Development and Nuclear Eccentricity in Topographically Controlled Cardiac Syncytium