Nanoporous SiC
Endothelialized Networks with a Vascular Geometry in Microfabricated Poly(dimethyl siloxane)
Membrane-Based PDMS Microbioreactor for Perfused 3D Primary Rat Hepatocyte Cultures
On the Design and Optimization of Micro-Fluidic Dielectrophoretic Devices
Two-Dimensional Chemotherapy Simulations Demonstrate Fundamental Transport and Tumor Response Limitations Involving Nanoparticles
Negative Dielectrophoretic Force Assisted Construction of Ordered Neuronal Networks on Cell Positioning Bioelectronic Chips
Electrowetting (EW)-Based Valve Combined with Hydrophilic Teflon Microfluidic Guidance in Controlling Continuous Fluid Flow
Fifth Annual BioMEMS and NANOtech World 2004 Conference News