A System for Micro/Nano Fluidic Flow Diagnostics
Rapid Fabrication and Chemical Patterning of Polymer Microstructures and their Applications as a Platform for Cell Cultures
Sugar Micro Needles as Transdermic Drug Delivery System
Continuous-Flow Fractionation of Animal Cells in Microfluidic Device Using Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction
A Miniaturized Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor Based on Sensing of pH-Sensitive Hydrogel Swelling with a Pressure Sensor
Cross-Talk Problem on a Fluorescence Multi-Channel Microfluidic Chip System
Optimization of Reporter Cells for Expression Profiling in a Microfluidic Device*
Development of a Disposable Infusion System for the Delivery of Protein Therapeutics
Modeling of a Microfluidic Channel in the Presence of an Electrostatic Induced Cross-Flow
Design of a Four-Phase High Frequency Amplitude-Stable Power Supply
Detecting Common Gene Expression Patterns in Multiple Cancer Outcome Entities
Micro Flow-through PCR in a PMMA Chip Fabricated by KrF Excimer Laser*