3D tissue culture substrates produced by microthermoforming of pre-processed polymer films
Biological application of multi-component nanowires in hybrid devices powered by F1-ATPase motors
Sensitivity enhancement for colorimetric glucose assays on whole blood by on-chip beam-guidance
Integrated polymerase chain reaction chips utilizing digital microfluidics
Dielectrophoresis tweezers for single cell manipulation
Size-based microfluidic enrichment of neonatal rat cardiac cell populations
Design of a novel MEMS platform for the biaxial stimulation of living cells
Investigation of interaction between two neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and SARS virus using biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry
A low temperature bonding of quartz microfluidic chip for serum lipoproteins analysis
DNA counterion current and saturation examined by a MEMS-based solid state nanopore sensor
Endothelialized Networks with a Vascular Geometry in Microfabricated Poly(dimethyl siloxane), Biomedical Microdevices 6:4, 269–278, 2004