Nondestructive micro-patterning of proteinous occlusion bodies in water by femtosecond laser-induced mechanical force
Hydrodynamic focusing investigation in a micro-flow cytometer
Quantitative measurement and control of oxygen levels in microfluidic poly(dimethylsiloxane) bioreactors during cell culture
Screening cell surface receptors using micromosaic immunoassays
Transport of living cells with magnetically assembled nanowires
Microfluidic patterning for fabrication of contractile cardiac organoids
Solution-phase DNA mutation scanning and SNP genotyping by nanoliter melting analysis
Study of on-line monitoring of lactate based on optical fibre sensor and in-channel mixing mechanism
Microtubule transport, concentration and alignment in enclosed microfluidic channels
A stand-alone peristaltic micropump based on piezoelectric actuation
Quantitative characterization of magnetic separators
Micropatterned surfaces for controlling cell adhesion and rolling under flow
Mixing enhancement of the passive microfluidic mixer with J-shaped baffles in the tee channel
Polymer particle-based micromolding to fabricate novel microstructures
Wireless capsule endoscopy:
Design and testing of a disposable microfluidic chemiluminescent immunoassay for disease biomarkers in human serum samples
Manufacturing monodisperse chitosan microparticles containing ampicillin using a microchannel chip
Interaction of quantitative PCR components with polymeric surfaces
A uniaxial bioMEMS device for quantitative force-displacement measurements
A rapid DNA digestion system