Micro-spot, UV and wetting patterning pathways for applications of biofunctional aminosilane-titanate coatings
Microdevice-based delivery of gene products using sonoporation
A microfluidic platform for sequential ligand labeling and cell binding analysis
Quantitative PCR based expression analysis on a nanoliter scale using polymer nano-well chips
Three-dimensional modeling of transport of nutrients for multicellular tumor spheroid culture in a microchannel
Simultaneous detection of five indices of hepatitis B based on an integrated automatic microfluidic device
Electrokinetic measurements of dielectric properties of membrane for apoptotic HL-60 cells on chip-based device
Structure-property relationships in the optimization of polysilicon thin films for electrical recording/stimulation of single neurons
High-throughput sorting and analysis of human sperm with a ring-shaped laser trap
Design criteria of neuron/electrode interface. The focused ion beam technology as an analytical method to investigate the effect of electrode surface morphology on neurocompatibility
Remotely adjustable check-valves with an electrochemical release mechanism for implantable biomedical microsystems
A drug delivery system based on alginate microspheres:
High performance microfluidic capillary electrophoresis devices
Integration of optical fiber light guide, fluorescence detection system, and multichannel disposable microfluidic chip