Simulation and experimentation of a microfluidic device based on electrowetting on dielectric
Ultrananocrystalline diamond film as an optimal cell interface for biomedical applications
Single-step centrifugal hematocrit determination on a 10-$ processing device
Magnetic microparticle steering within the constraints of an MRI system
Effects of biomedical sterilization processes on performance characteristics of MEMS pressure sensors
Fabrication of polymer microstructures for MEMS
Enhancing dielectrophoresis effect through novel electrode geometry
Multiple-channel emulsion chips utilizing pneumatic choppers for biotechnology applications
Fabrication of multi-layered biodegradable drug delivery device based on micro-structuring of PLGA polymers
Generation of monodisperse alginate microbeads and in situ encapsulation of cell in microfluidic device
Laser ablation of micropores for formation of artificial planar lipid bilayers
Transcriptome analysis device based on liquid phase detection by fluorescently labeled nucleic acid probes
Electrical capture and lysis of vaccinia virus particles using silicon nano-scale probe array
New technology for cellular piercing
An optic pharyngeal manometric sensor for deglutition analysis
Mechanical loading of rigid intramuscular implants
Design and fabrication of an artificial cornea based on a photolithographically patterned hydrogel construct
Implantable microscale neural interfaces
Ultraminiature encapsulated accelerometers as a fully implantable sensor for implantable hearing aids
Assembly and packaging of a three-axis micro accelerometer used for detection of heart infarction