An integrated microfluidic chip for the analysis of biochemical reactions by MALDI mass spectrometry
A cell culturing system that integrates the cell loading function on a single platform and evaluation of the pulsatile pumping effect on cells
A titer plate-based polymer microfluidic platform for high throughput nucleic acid purification
Opto-electronic DNA chip-based integrated card for clinical diagnostics
A flexible surface wetness sensor using a RFID technique
Microfluidic cell counter/sorter utilizing multiple particle tracing technique and optically switching approach
Influence of different amount of Au on the wetting behavior of PDMS membrane
Fabrication and testing of high-performance detection sensor for capillary electrophoresis microchips
Controlled in vitro growth of cell microtubes : towards the realisation of artificial microvessels
Power density requirement of a 4 MHz micro-ultrasonic transducer for sonodynamic therapy
Characterization of surface modification on microelectrode arrays for in vitro cell culture
Electrophoresis-assisted single-cell electroporation for efficient intracellular delivery
Microfluidic environment for high density hepatocyte culture
Evaluating the process of polishing borosilicate glass capillaries used for fabrication of in-vitro fertilization (iVF) micro-pipettes
Localization to atherosclerotic plaque and biodistribution of biochemically derivatized superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) contrast particles for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)