Microneedle-based drug delivery : studies on delivery parameters and biocompatibility
Nano-opto-mechanical characterization of neuron membrane mechanics under cellular growth and differentiation
Magnetron sputtered diamond-like carbon microelectrodes for on-chip measurement of quantal catecholamine release from cells
Microfluidic high viability neural cell separation using viscoelastically tuned hydrodynamic spreading
Design of MEMS devices with optical apertures for the detection of transparent biological cells
Handheld subcellular-resolution single-fiber confocal microscope using high-reflectivity two-axis vertical combdrive silicon microscanner
Sample concentration and impedance detection on a microfluidic polymer chip
A flexible polymer tube lab-chip integrated with microsensors for smart microcatheter
Inertial effects on flow rate spectrum of diffuser micropumps
Folate-functionalized polymeric micelle as hepatic carcinoma-targeted, MRI-ultrasensitive delivery system of antitumor drugs
An investigation of vibration-induced protein desorption mechanism using a micromachined membrane and PZT plate
Sperm motion in a microfluidic fertilization device
Quantification of the activity of biomolecules in microarrays obtained by direct laser transfer
Viability analysis and apoptosis induction of breast cancer cells in a microfluidic device : effect of cytostatic drugs
Mixing behavior of the rhombic micromixers over a wide Reynolds number range using Taguchi method and 3D numerical simulations
A microfluidic chip for formation and collection of emulsion droplets utilizing active pneumatic micro-choppers and micro-switches
Self-assembled monolayer for toxicant detection using nucleic acid sensor based on surface plasmon resonance technique