Sensitive on-chip quantitative real-time PCR performed on an adaptable and robust platform
Sample preparation : The weak link in microfluidics-based biodetection
Iron-oxide embedded solid lipid nanoparticles for magnetically controlled heating and drug delivery
In vitro analysis of a hepatic device with intrinsic microvascular-based channels
A high-yield method for generating mass-transfer gradients in elastomer microfluidics using impermeable capillaries
Suspension arrays of hydrogel microparticles prepared by photopatterning for multiplexed protein-based bioassays
A micro-tactile sensor for in situ tissue characterization in minimally invasive surgery
Micro-well texture printed into PEG hydrogels using the FILM nanomanufacturing process affects the behavior of preadipocytes
A PDMS-based disposable microfluidic sensor for CD4+ lymphocyte counting
Fabrication and testing of a PDMS multi-stacked hand-operated LOC for use in portable immunosensing systems
Development and evaluation of microdevices for studying anisotropic biaxial cyclic stretch on cells
A uniaxial bioMEMS device for imaging single cell response during quantitative force-displacement measurements
On-chip coupling of electrochemical pumps and an SU-8 tip for electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Design optimization for bioMEMS studies of enzyme-controlled metabolic pathways
Immunomagnetic bead-based cell concentration microdevice for dilute pathogen detection