Hydrogel-based microsensors for wireless chemical monitoring
Out-of-plane microtube arrays for drug delivery—liquid flow properties and an application to the nerve block test
Integrated microfluidic devices for combinatorial cell-based assays
Deformability study of breast cancer cells using microfluidics
Infection on a chip : A microscale platform for simple and sensitive cell-based virus assays
Local drug delivery with a self-contained, programmable, microfluidic system
Hybridization of localized surface plasmon resonance-based Au–Ag nanoparticles
Cytoskeletal role in differential adhesion patterns of normal fibroblasts and breast cancer cells inside silicon microenvironments
Selective trapping of live and dead mammalian cells using insulator-based dielectrophoresis within open-top microstructures
Single particle adsorbing transfer system
Evaluation of chondrocyte growth in the highly porous scaffolds made by fused deposition manufacturing (FDM) filled with type II collagen
An implantable MEMS drug delivery device for rapid delivery in ambulatory emergency care
Patterned delivery and expression of gene constructs into zebrafish embryos using microfabricated interfaces
Self-standing aligned fiber scaffold fabrication by two photon photopolymerization
Antibody immobilization on to polystyrene substrate—on-chip immunoassay for horse IgG based on fluorescence
Fluorescence-based peptide screening using ligand peptides directly conjugated to a thiolated glass surface
Sample preparation module for bacterial lysis and isolation of DNA from human urine
Self-loading and cell culture in one layer microfluidic devices
Application of an asymmetric helical tube reactor for fast identification of gene transcripts of pathogenic viruses by micro flow-through PCR
Nuclear translocation kinetics of NF-κB in macrophages challenged with pathogens in a microfluidic platform
Design considerations in the development and application of microdisc electrode arrays (MDEAs) for implantable biosensors
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification of a single DNA molecule in polyacrylamide gel-based microchamber