Fabrication of complex three-dimensional tissue architectures using a magnetic force-based cell patterning technique
Design of packed-fiber solid-phase extraction device for analysis of the drug and its metabolite in plasma
Prevention of air bubble formation in a microfluidic perfusion cell culture system using a microscale bubble trap
Controlled cellular orientation on PLGA microfibers with defined diameters
Effect of substrate thermal resistance on space-domain microchannel fluorescent melting curve analysis
TopSpot® Vario
Neutron activation of holmium poly(L-lactic acid) microspheres for hepatic arterial radioembolization
Fabrication and physical evaluation of a polymer-encapsulated paramagnetic probe for biomedical oximetry
Novel biological/biohybrid prostheses for the ossicular chain
A novel 3-D model for cell culture and tissue engineering
High efficient electrical stimulation of hippocampal slices with vertically aligned carbon nanofiber microbrush array
Fabrication of micropatterned thermosensitive gel with highly-ordered honeycomb surface and inverse opal structure
Oxygen sensitivity and biocompatibility of an implantable paramagnetic probe for repeated measurements of tissue oxygenation
An agarose-based microfluidic platform with a gradient buffer for 3D chemotaxis studies
A soft and flexible biosensor using a phospholipid polymer for continuous glucose monitoring
Fabrication of orderly nanostructured PLGA scaffolds using anodic aluminum oxide templates
Coplanar film electrodes facilitate bovine nuclear transfer cloning
A robust, electrochemically driven microwell drug delivery system for controlled vasopressin release
The culture and differentiation of amniotic stem cells using a microfluidic system
Microdevice for the isolation and enumeration of cancer cells from blood
Localized surface plasmon resonance biosensor integrated with microfluidic chip
A microfluidic cell culture platform for real-time cellular imaging
Flexible microfluidic devices supported by biodegradable insertion scaffolds for convection-enhanced neural drug delivery
Quantifying tumor-selective radiation dose enhancements using gold nanoparticles
An automated micro-solid phase extraction device involving integrated high-pressure microvalves for genetic sample preparation