In vivo evaluation of a microneedle-based miniature syringe for intradermal drug delivery
The application of on-chip optofluidic microscopy for imaging Giardia lamblia trophozoites and cysts
A passive MEMS drug delivery pump for treatment of ocular diseases
Interdigitated microelectrode array-coupled bipolar semiconductor photodiode array (IMEA-PDA) microchip for on-chip electrochemiluminescence detection
High-throughput microfluidic system for monitoring diffusion-based monolayer yeast cell culture over long time periods
Dielectrophoresis assisted concentration of micro-particles and their rapid quantitation based on optical means
Contactless dielectrophoresis : A new technique for cell manipulation
Real-time PCR array chip with capillary-driven sample loading and reactor sealing for point-of-care applications
Extensional flow-based assessment of red blood cell deformability using hyperbolic converging microchannel
Effect of electrode geometry on performance of EWOD device driven by battery-based system
Melt-extruded guides for peripheral nerve regeneration. Part I : Poly(ε-caprolactone)
A physiologically realistic in vitro model of microvascular networks
Multicoils-based inductive links dedicated to power up implantable medical devices : Modeling, design and experimental results
Performance of nanoliter-sized droplet-based microfluidic PCR
An open-access microfluidic model for lung-specific functional studies at an air-liquid interface
Neuronal cell biocompatibility and adhesion to modified CMOS electrodes
Alginate-PLL cell encapsulation system Co-entrapping PLGA-microspheres for the continuous release of anti-inflammatory drugs
Novel PEG-coated niosomes based on bola-surfactant as drug carriers for 5-fluorouracil
Gradient lithography of engineered proteins to fabricate 2D and 3D cell culture microenvironments
Quantitative analysis of single bacterial chemotaxis using a linear concentration gradient microchannel