Patient Restraint Lock May Not Release : Safety Alert Issued
Progress on the Medical Information Bus Standard
Cardiovascular Physiology Course Designed for Engineers
Chemical Spill in Hospital Orthotics Department Caused Smoke & Evacuation
Dislodged Valve Could Cause Resuscitator Failure
Possible Leakage Cited in Hemodialysis Tubing Recall
Needle & Tubing Connection Problems Led to Recall
Balloon Dilatation Catheters Recalled Because of “Improper Compliance” & “Failure to Submit MDR Reports”
MUMPS Test Method & Validation Service Proposed
Test Pattern Generator for Calibrating Medical Instrument Displays
External Pacemaker Testers Developed for On-Site Troubleshooting
Compact Infusion Device Analyzer for Liquid Flow Measurements
New NIOSH Publications on Worker Safety in Healthcare
GMP Manual Highlights FDA & Western European Requirements
BMET Positions Available in Colorado
JCAHO Relocates to New Offices
Survey Assesses Educational Criteria for Bioengineers
Reliability Testing for Medical Devices