GFCI Protection Required for Patient Facilities
Caution Urged When Performing Electrocautery on Pacemaker Patients
Suction Catheter May Bind in Tracheal Tube Lumen
Cardioplegia Cannulae Recalled Because of Possible Balloon Failure
SpaceLabs Semiautomatic Defibrillators Subject of Separate Recalls
Warning Labels & Revised User Manuals Required for Opthalas Lasers
Spine Fixation Components Marketed Without 510(k)
I.V. Console Plates May Fall Off Under Load
New International Standard for Implantable Pacemakers
Comments Sought on Electrical Safety Standard
Electrocardiographic Device Standard Published
Limits of Medical Malpractice Caps Tested
Optical “Multimeter” Series Developed
Safety Training Videos Described in Catalog
ANSI Urges Clinton Administration to Support Voluntary Standards
Product Safety & Liability Subject of Seminars
AAMI/FDA International Standards Conference
Interhospital '93 & 18th Hospital Conference
Seminars Included in AAMI Annual Meeting