$1.25-Million Settlement in VA Hospital Fire
Hospital Electrical System Fire Raises Maintenance Inspection Issues
Fiber-Optic Pulse Oximeters May Display Erratic Readings
Massive Oxygen Leak Causes Emergency Room Relocation
Disinfectant Incorrectly Labeled for Tuberculocidal Use
Dialysis System May Fail To Detect Concentrate Errors
Percutaneous Catheter Introducers May Separate
Parenteral Solution Dispensing Sets Recalled
Glutaraldehyde-Based Sterilant Recalled
Trial Set in Cardiac Pacemaker Fraud
Reuse of AIDS Patient Bronchoscope Claimed in Lawsuit
FDA To Consolidate Its Adverse Events Reporting Forms
Report of FDA Task Force on Standards Harmonization
AHA Resource Guide Includes Safety & Standards Topics
Seminar on the Prevention & Defense of Medical Device Claims