FDA to Inspect User Facilities To Ensure SMDA Reporting
Bowel Gas Explosion Hazard With Nitrous Oxide Use in Laparoscopy
Faulty Capacitors in AICDs May Cause “Oversensing”
Physio-Control To Resume LIFEPAK® 10 Production
FDA Announces One-Year-Old Recall of CO2 Surgical Lasers
Improper Use of Infant Heel Warmers May Burn Patient
Microsurgery Handpiece May Lack Sufficient Power To Drive Cutting Tips
Nebulizer Heater May Short Circuit
Interpretive ECG System Software May “Lock Up”
Proposed Revision of Hospital Steam Sterilizer Standard
Proposed European Standards for Noninvasive Sphygmomanometers
Lawsuit May Test Post-Exposure Protocols for HIV-infected Personnel
Dow Corning & Du Pont Named in Lawsuit Regarding TMJ Implants
FDA Suggests Risk Managers or Biomedical Engineers Could Do User-Facility Reporting
FDA Proposes Revisions to Laser Product Performance Standards
Controlling Occupational Exposure to Tuberculosis