Airborne Transmission of Bloodborne Pathogens in Operating Rooms
Infant Electrocuted During Monitoring
Increased PEEP Levels May Reduce Laser-Induced Tracheal Tube Fire Risks
Pulse Oximeter/Capnograph May Cause Electromagnetic Interference
Unfiltered Operating Room Light Linked To Patient Burns
Neonatal Humidifier Inlet Ports May Be Occluded
IV Sets May Have Faulty Regulation
Endoscopic Light Sources May Require Surge Testing
Cuffed Tracheal Tubes May Not Inflate
Respiration Monitor May Give Incorrect Airway Pressure Readings
Laser Catheters May Break Near Handle
Humidifier Clamps May Break
Nebulizers May Become Disengaged
Beckman Earns ISO 9000 Certification
First Shilev Heart Valve Trial Settled
Maine Law Provides Affirmative Malpractice Defense