Bard Pays $61 Million in Alleged Catheter Fraud
Electrical Fire Causes Power Outage
Perfusion System Pumps May Stop Unexpectedly
Dislodged Plastic Part May Clog Manual Resuscitator
Monitoring System Alarms May Not Sound During Ventricular Fibrillation
Chambers of Chest Drainage Units Incorrectly Labeled
Defibrillator Circuit Boards May Have Surface Contamination
EMI May Cause Defibrillators to Display Error Message
Defibrillator Shock Advisory Adaptors May Delay Treatment
Electrical Shock Hazard Associated With ESU Probes
Comments Sought on ISO Draft Standard for Hip Joint Prostheses
Lawsuits Allege Use of Unapproved Bone Substitute for Cervical Fusion
NIBP Monitor Tester
PTSM Monograph Addresses Patient-Focused Hospital Design
16th Annual BEMS Meeting