“First Corporate-Wide Injunction” for GMP & MDR Violations
California Earthquake Tests Hospitals' Emergency Preparedness
FDA Concludes Fatal Fire did not Start in Ventilator
ECG Monitor Alarms may Fail During Bradycardia
Central Station may Read Portable ECG Monitor's “Data Gap” as Missed Beat
Mammography Elevator Mechanism may Fail to Stop
Ultrasonic Handpiece may Cause Electrical Shock
Patient Return Electrode may Fail to Alarm During Electrosurgery
Technical Reports on Defibrillators Available From IEC
Unintended Implant of Surgical Clamp Results in $$01,000 Award
Hospital Fine Proposed for Alleged Asbestos Exposure
Somanetics Seeks to Resume Oximeter Marketing
Exposure Analyzer Measures Single Excimer Laser Pulse
International Standards Conference on Medical Devices