Major Changes in Electrical Safety Standards
Leaking Oxygen Tank Required Patients to be Moved
Component Failure Could Result in Surgical Table Malfunction
Defective Capacitors Result in Unexpected Adjustable Bed Movement
Venous Cannulae Tip may Detach During Bypass Surgery
Oxygenator Heat Exchanger Failure Could Cause Water-to-Blood Leaks
Anesthesia Breathing Circuits may Overheat & Melt Tubing
Defective Gauge on Inflator Could Cause Catheter Balloon Rupture
Coagulating Scissor Blades may Separate During Use
Underwater Chest Drainage System may Allow Air in Chest
Snare Wires may Break During Use
Vitrectomy Probe Line Connections may be Reversed
Solder Failure on Heating Pad Element Could Result in Melted Housing
Five-Year Review of ISO Standard Scheduled
Electronic Check Module for Heartstart Defibrillators
Emergency Power Testing & Maintenance
New ASHE Healthcare Resource Guide
Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems