Work Begins on New Equipment Management Standard
Asbestos Removal Delays Hospital Reopening After Boiler Room Fire
FDA Seizes Contaminated “Sterile” Bandages
Analgesia Pump Software Defect Could Cause Overinfusion
Respiration Modules Fail to Warn of Unprotected Lead Wire Hazard
Electrosurgery Pencils may Inadvertently Activate
Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Tubing Could Split & Leak
Resin Exudate may Cause Venous Bloodline Clouding
Software Defect Causes Surgical Tables to Tilt Unexpectedly
Anesthesia Trays Could Have Syringes With Inaccurately Graduated Markings
Incorrect Finish Used on Esophageal Tracheal Lumen Connectors
Unsealed Packaging Compromises Sutures' & Needles' Sterility
Defibrillator/Monitor Screens Could Fail
Standards Proposed for Hemodialyzers & Dry Heat Sterilizers
Ergonomics in Healthcare Facilities
Course on Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
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