Needlestick Injury Risks Associated With Device Design
False EtO Alarm From Alcohol Soaking Tray Causes Evacuation
Cardiac Support System Components Subject of Two Recalls
Anesthesia Tray Iodine Solution may be Subpotent
Incomplete Seals Could Compromise Humidifier Component Sterility
Feeding Tube Bond Failure Gould Cause Leakage
Discectomy Kits Lack Sterility Validation
Oxygenator Housing may Detach from Gas Manifold
Software Gould Crash During Arrhythmia Diagnosis
Unprotected Cables & Lead Wires Subject to Additional Recalls
Draft IEC Standard on PEMS Safety Requirements
$6-Million Lawsuit Alleges Failure to Maintain Heart Bypass Device
1994 Healthcare Resource Directory
Seventh Annual JCAHO National Forum on Healthcare Quality