OIG Subpoena for Claims Data Fuels Controversy
Chewing Gum Hazards During Preoperative Fasting
Critical Care Bed Pivot Connection Could Fail
Cardioplegia Sets & Perfusion Packs Misassembled
Disposable Ventilation Circuits may be Partially Occluded
Latex Balloon on Single-Lumen Tube Allows Mercury Leakage
Tibial Knee Implant Trial Labeled With Wrong Size
Infusion Pump Leaks Caused by Cracked Luer Adapter Stem
Catheter Insertion Trays From Recycled Material Could Crack
Bloodlines Contaminated & Discolored by Herbicides
European Draft Standards on EtO Sterilizers & Tracheostomy Tubes
“Difficult Airway” Management Guidelines Adopted
BMET Claims Wrongful Discharge for “Whistle Blowing”
Legislation may be Introduced to Increase Safety of Centrifugal Blood Pumps
EMI Workshop Will Address Medical Device Challenges