Hospital Fined $169,000 for Safety Violations
Neonatal Incubators Subject to Heat-Related Battery Failure
Defective Tympanic Handle Component Could Cause Fire
Infant Warmer Design Allows Power Cord Damage
Cardioplegia Cooling Coil Contains Particulate Matter
Ventilator Circuit Could Crack Under Stress
Guidewire Could Break & Require Surgical Intervention
Neonatal Monitoring Electrodes Could Be Unable to Obtain Signal
Defibrillator Electrodes Tear During Unwrapping
Diode Failure on Defibrillators Prevents Proper Charging
Defective Intra-Aortic Balloons Allow Bleeding
FDA Policy Revised to Harmonize With International Standards
Graduate Fellowships in Biomedical Engineering
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene & Quantitative Industrial Hygiene