Proposed Legislation Would Permit Dissemination of Scientific Information
$40 Million Sought After Electrosurgery Burn Death
ECG Electrodes Do Not Meet Overload Standards
Monitor Malfunction Causes Information to be Suspended
Diagnostic Cardiac Monitor Leads Could Break
Irrigation Systems Could Leak
Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Keypad Fails
Heat & Moisture Exchange Media Separate from Frame
ECG Electrodes Produce Anomalies
Additional Unprotected Lead Wire Recalls Announced
Revised EtO Standard Published
Biological & Chemical Indicator Standards Published
Hemodialyzer Standard to be Revised
Reporting Results of Cardiac Arrhythmia Measurement Algorithms
Comments Sought on Sterilization-Related Standard
Safe Handling & Decontamination of Devices Standard
Adult/Infant Ventilator Tester
BEMS First Call for Papers