FDA and CDC Meet to Discuss Regulation of Medical Device Reuse
Hospital Where Patients Died in New Year's Eve Fire Sued $15 Million
Elbow with Gas Sampling Port May Be Occluded
LEEP Foot Pedal Air Bladder May Crack and Disable Unit
Angiographic Catheters May Experience Increased Tip Separation
Portable Oxygen Units Could Read Inaccurate Quantity
Bi-Ventricular Support System Transducers May Malfunction
X-ray Overhead Tube Support Screws May Come Off
AAMI Seeks Comment on Degradation Evaluation Standards
Participants Sought for Review of Capnometer Standard
Standard for Transport Infant Incubators
Amended Sphygmomanometer Standard Published
Medical Equipment Management Standard Available for Comment
ACGIH Safety Publications
Dialyzer Reprocessing Course Offered at AAMI Conference
1997 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition