Slim Response to HHS Request for Manufacturer Y2k Compliance Data
Bill to Insulate Manufacturers from Y2K Lawsuits Fails
Contrast Media Injector's Pivot Assembly May Fall
Analyzer Software Error May Cause Data Carryover from Previous Test
Balloon Membrane in Catheter Introducer Kit May Leak Helium
Firm Guiding Catheters May Crack or Split at Secondary Curve
Vein Retractor Light Panel Could Present Burn Risk in Some Circumstances
Coagulation Analyzer May Give False Low Values in Certain Modes
Comment Sought on New Mammography System Standard
ASTM Seeks Comment on Patient Room Fire Hazard Standard Proposal
Medical Gas System Installer Certification Standard Finalized
Single-use Syringe Standard Sent for CEN Inquiry
ISO 9003 Application Standard and Ventilator Standard Sent for Formal Voting
CEN/CENELEC Proposal Available for Comment
Guideline for Evaluating Clinical Laboratory Device Performance
Transfusion Set Standard Published
Accident Prevention Signage Standard Finalized