JCAHO Included Equipment Failure In Focus Areas
Syringes Contaminated with Enterobacter Cloacae Recalled
Heparin Flush Syringes Recalled For Incorrect Expiration Dates
Recall of Mislabeled Flush Syringe Combination Packages Completed
Reagent Packs Used with Calibrators Recalled for Invalid Calibration Curves
Defibrillators Subject to Field Correction; May Stop Delivering Pacing Therapy for 24 Hours
Blood Collection, Reinfusion Devices Recalled
Pressure Monitoring Kits Recalled Due to Possible Loss of Pressure Monitoring
Pressure Monitoring, Blood Sampling Kits Recall Complete
Endolumina Transilluminating System Recalled; May Disconnect From Ball Socket Connection
Needle Electrode Recalled Due to Possible Compromised Sterility
Recall of Suction Probes, Monopolar Electrodes Complete
Introducer Sheath Recalled; Labels Fail to Include Caution Statement
JCAHO Publishes 1999–2000 Accreditation Manual for Home Care
Updated HMO/PPO Directory Available
Control Valves Combines Expertise of over 20 Authors
New Library of Home Health Care Safety Standards Created
New Sterilization Standards Set