Baxter Defends its Use of PVC Material In Medical Devices
Electrode Pads Recalled
Catheter Tip Can Break off During Use
Software Incorrectly Tracks Path Of Biopsy Needle
Sternal Saw May Break
Scanner Detector Head Could Fall
Sterility Compromised in Cauteries
Catheter Balloon Fails to Meet Burst Pressure
Software Error in Ultrasound System
Aspirator Sterility in Question
Family of X-Ray Devices Recalled
JCAHO, CARF Enhance Initiative for Evaluating Rehabilitation Hospitals
JCAHO Schedules Hearings on Use of Physical Restraint, Therapeutic Holding
AAMI 99 Annual Meeting and Expo
Emergency Response Update Conference June 10–13
ASHE Offers Seminars for Managing Codes, Standards and Regulations
Journal Article Outlines Study Linking PVC Plastics to Bronchial Obstruction in Infants