FDA Surveys Makers of Non-durable Medical Devices for Y2K Compliance
AAMI May Abandon CE Certification, Citing Lack of Applicants
Sterile Drill Bits Recalled; Package Insert Missing
Recall of Mandibular Modular Fixation System Complete
Incompatible Connector Leads to Recall of Spine Anterior Thoracolumbar Rod Clamp
Sterile Kits Dosed at Different Level Than Documented; Recall Ongoing
Bolt on Recalled Patient Hoist Can Fracture, Allowing Patient to Fall
Cardiopulmonary Extracorporeal Cannulae Recalled Due to Possible Sterility Compromise
Sterility Problem Leads to Recall Of Suction Catheter with Mucous Trap
Field Correction Initiated on Laser Systems, Communication Lasers
Manual Hexdriver Recalled; Shaft Not Heat-Treated As Indicated
Infusion System Recalled; Pumps Shut Down Without Alarm to Notify User
Mislabeling Leads to Recall of Cortex Screw Self Tapping
Recall of Midfacial System Complete; Product Mislabeled
Tibial Anchor Screw & Spiked Washer Recalled; Head of Screw May Break During Insertion
MDMA Petitions FDA to Stop Reprocessing of Single-Use Devices