Lucrative Black Market for Medical Devices
Resuscitator Devices Recalled; Valve Values Out of Specification
Tubing, Filter May Separate, Leading to Recall of Administration Set
Percutaneous Sheath Introducer Kit Recalled; Potential for Separation
Pneumatic Tourniquet Recalled; Buttons May Stick
Possible Contamination Leads to Recall of Tracheostomy Care Kits
Field Correction Issued on Radiation Therapy Software
Software Implementation Error Leads to Field Correction
Faulty DISS Fittings Cause Recall of Oxygen Pressure Regulator
Bacterial/Viral Filters Recalled; Efficiency Compromised
ABG & Chemistry Cal Kit Recalled
Radiographic Film Cassettes Recalled Due to Small Density Variation
Mold Contamination Leads to Recall of Disposable Membrane Caps
Membrane Kits Recalled Due to Mislabeling
Balloon Catheters Recalled after Outer Carton Mislabeled
Popular Electronic Toy Does Not Interfere with Medical Equipment
Plaintiffs Win Case Involving Experimental Use of Neutron Beam
Devices Banned to Prevent Mad Cow Disease
Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak at Baltimore Health Care Facilities
FDA Formulates Policy on Single-use Device Reuse