FDA Takes Next Step Toward Medical Device Surveillance Network
Dialyzer Control Subject of Field Correction
Recall of Locking Bolt Measuring Device Complete
Firm Completes Recall of Anatomical Locking Plate System
Proximal Femoral Nail System Recall Complete
Defibrillator Subject of Field Correction
Undeclared Rubber Latex Leads to Recall of Blood Pressure Cuff
Portable Liquid Oxygen Units Recalled
Recall of Schuhli Implant System Complete
Bolt Failure Prompts Recall of Wheelchairs
Contaminated Gauze Leads to Recall
Electrodes Recalled Due to Sterility Issue
Firm Completes Recall of Catheters
Laser Product Doesn't Comply with Federal Standards
Vacuum Assist Cup Subject to Recall
Mammographic X-Ray Units Subject of Field Correction