FDA/CDRH Recommendations for EMC/EMI in Health Care Facilities
Defibrillators Recalled; Could Go into Safety Mode
Possible Motor Stall Leads to Recall of Infusion Pump
Recall of Med/Surg Bed Complete
Skin Rejuvenation System Subject of Recall
Unintended PEEP Prompts Recall of Gas Machine for Anesthesia
CT Systems Recalled; Incorrect Orientation of Patient Data
Pinholes in Cap Lead to Recall of I.V. Sets
Mislabeling Prompts Recall of Catheter Sets
Catheters Recalled Due to Longitudinal Slits
Recall of Mislabeled Vaporizers Completed
Firm Completes Recall of Silicone Catheters
Exploded Tire Leads to Scooter Recall
Sheath Introducer Kit Recall Complete
Infusion Pumps Recalled Due to Battery-Related Failures
Sterility Issues Prompt Recall of Scalpels
Catheters Recalled; Fail to Remain Anchored to Patient
Defective Vents Prompt Recall of Insulin Pumps
Scooter Recalled; Drive System May Engage
Catheter Fails to Remain Anchored; Recall Complete