How to Label Reprocessed Single-Use Devices
Class I Recall of Screw Driver Complete
Laser System Recalled For Labeling Issue
Cracks in Yoke Prompt Recall of X-Ray System
Infusion Pumps May Overinfuse; Recall Begun
Infusion Pumps Recalled for Damaged Power Cord
Fan Failure Leads to Recall of Phototherapy Lamp for Newborns
Software Recalled Due to Artifacts on Images
Patient Reactions Cited for Recall of Hemodialyzers
CT Systems Recalled; Loss of Engagement In Radial Drives
Anomaly Leads to Recall of Software
Catheters Unapproved for Pediatric Use Recalled
Premature Wear Prompts Recall of Infusion Pumps
Leadwires Recalled Due to Design Flaw
Software Recalled Due to Leak of Piston Pump Valve
Firm Completes Recall of Bifurcated Set with Valve
Incorrect Printing of Test Results Prompts Software Recall
Software Recalled; Incorrect Data Filed
Needle Ablation System Recall Complete
Keyboard Problem Prompts Infusion Pump Recall
Device Recalled for Inaccurate Reading
Defibrillators Recalled; May Shut Down
Band Litigator Recalled; Fails to Deploy
Telehealth Study Demonstrates Cost Savings