Few Hospital Bed Injuries Result from Entrapment
Infusion Pumps Recalled; Potential for Error
Ineffective Ventilation Prompts Recall of Tracheostomy Tube
Pipette Recalled Due to Defect in Molding
Hemodialysis Water Treatment System Recalled
Obturator Trocar Recalled; Lens Tip may Separate
Locking Screws Could Break; Recall Complete
Electrode Recalled; Fell Apart During Use
Air Fluidized Therapy Recalled for Power Cord Problem
Recall of Hemostasis Device Complete
Balloon Catheters Recalled; Defect Could Cause Gas Leak
Recall of Vessel Sealing System Complete
Hydrocath Catheters Recalled for Hypersensitivity Reactions
Tubing Assemblies Recalled; Incorrect Assembly Cited
Incorrect Visual Display Prompts Recall of Monitoring Stations
Single-Use Staplers Recalled; May Fire Too Soon
Two Separate Recalls on Surgical Tables Begun
Surgical Tables Recalled; Patient's Head May Drop
Faulty Filter Prompts Ventilator Recall
System Crashes Lead to Recall of Monitoring Station
Compressor Recalled; Defective Clutch Cited
Feeding Tube Recalled; Tissue Damage Possible
Recall of Catheters Complete
Extension Set Recalled Due to Mislabeling
Washer-Disinfector Recalled; Electrical Shock Hazard
MQSA Devices Deadline Nears