Patients Asphyxiated by Medical Gas Misconnections
Software Recalled Due to Error
Recall Begun on Biopsy Adaptor; Fork Breaks
Recall of 147,458 Concentrators Complete
Recall Complete on Lab Information System
Recall of Electrical Stimulator Begun
Recall of Catheter for Obstruction Completed
Radiologic Quality Assurance Device Recalled
Mislabeling Prompts Recall of CircuVent System
Sterilant Recalled; Expiration Date Relabeled
Possible Injury Prompts Recall of Ambulance Cots
Hemodialysis System Recalled for Labeling Change
Arthroscopic Bur Recalled; Head Can Separate
Packaging Issue Prompts Recall of 1 Mln Syringes
Femoral Heads Recalled for Potential Breakage
Biopsy Needles Recalled; Expired Product Distributed
Sterility Problem Leads to Recall of Dressing
Undeclared Latex Prompts Recall of Procedure Kits