FDA Challenges Purported Benefits of Whole-body CT Scans
Class I Recall of Physiological ECG Monitors Complete
Firm Completes Recall of Aortic Connector System
Humeral Nail Recalled Due to Misalignment
Fracturing Problem Prompts Recall of Tibial Insert
Wall Thickness Variation Leads to Recall of Guiding Sheath
Recall of Guide Wires, Pins Complete
Broach Instrument Recalled for Mislabeling
Catheters Recalled; Misalignment Cited
Software Recall Complete
Aortic Connector Recalled; Wrong Size Sheath Included
Recall Begun on Cement Delivery System
Cannula for Tracheal Tube Recalled
Recall of Ventilator Motor Board Kits Complete
Sterility Issues Lead to Recall of Vascular Tape, Stent Guide
Glitch Leads to Software Recall
Compression Problem Prompts Recall of Resuscitator
Manifold Tubing Recalled for Sterility Issue
Sterility Problem Leads to Recall of Surgical Drapes
Electrode Recalled; Tip May Break Off
Infant Apnea Monitors Recalled; May Shut Down Without Alarm
Possible Separation Prompts Recall of Venous Return Cannula
Firm Recalls 126,800 Infusion Pumps
Firm Completes Recall of Laminar Hook
Drape Surgical Kits Recalled; S-Hook May Fail During Use
FDA Approves New Type of Defibrillator