Don't Eliminate Mercury Sphygmomanometers, Heart Association Warns
Sterility Question Prompts Recall of Introducer Kits
Vascular Closure Devices Recalled for Missing Holes
Inappropriate Restart Leads to Recall of Pulse Oximeter
Flawed System Leads to Recall of Software
Overheating, Melting Prompt Recall of Battery Pack
Product Failure Prompts Recall of External Defibrillators
Failure of Controls Prompts Recall of Treatment Beds
Inadequate Sterilization Dose Prompts Autotransfusion Set Recall
Siderail Problem Leads to Recall of Bed System
Recall of Ultrasound Scanning Gel Complete
Firm Announces Recall of 100 Spiral Routers
Sterility Issue Prompts Recall of Ligating Clip Cartridge
Mislabeling Leads to Recall of Spring Wire Guide
Cancer Risks Appear to Decline for Female X-ray Techs
AAMI Cuts Price of EO Sterilization Standards